13 postcodes can be found in this locality: KY15 4SQ, KY15 4TE and KY15 4RW among them. 3 companies can be found within this area (Companies House registered), namely: Jolly Red Limited (net worth: 14167 pounds), High Access Development Ltd (net worth: 3168 pounds) and John Rhys Penry Limited (net worth: 1981 pounds) among others.

District: Fife
Location: Dairsie
KY15 4SQ
KY15 4TE
KY15 4RW
KY15 4SP
KY15 4SU
KY15 4SF
KY15 4RS
KY15 4SR
KY15 4SS
KY15 4RR
KY15 4ST
KY15 4SW
KY15 4SY

There are multiple banks in the local area, to name some of them: the Cupar located at 18 Crossgate. It can be reached by calling 03457 242424. Then there is the Cupar located at 14 Crossgate (tel: 0800 5540975). Finally, the Cupar (bos) located at The Cross. You can contact them by calling 01334 410201.

Finally, the Dairsie bars: Kemback Bowling Club, Kemback Cupar Fife (on 2003-04-23) by the Food Standards Agency, Balmullo Inn, 6 Main Road Balmullo St Andrews Fife (on 2003-11-11) and Balmullo Bowling Club, Main Road Balmullo St Andrews Fife (on 2010-09-02) are just a fraction of what the area can offer.

Food and drink

Restaurants nearby
Dairsie Inn
Address: 45 Main Street Dairsie Cupar Fife
Craigsanquhar House Hotel, KY15 4PZ
Address: Craigsanquhar House Craigsanquhar Logie Cupar Fife
Cuisine Ecosse Garden Cafe, KY15 4SX
Address: Cupar Trading Estate Cupar Fife
Guardbridge Inn, KY16 0UD
Address: Old St Andrews Road Guardbridge St Andrews Fife
Tesco Family Dining, KY15 5JE
Address: Tesco Supermarket South Road Cupar Fife
Burnside Hotel, KY15 4BH
Address: East Burnside Cupar Fife
Mystic Dragon, KY15 4LS
Address: 15 St Catherine Street Cupar Fife
Edenside House, KY16 9SQ
Address: Edenside St Andrews Fife
Fast N Fresh, KY16 9SQ
Address: Edenside Guardbridge St Andrews Fife
Bars nearby
Kemback Bowling Club, KY15 5TS
Address: Kemback Cupar Fife
Balmullo Inn, KY16 0AE
Address: 6 Main Road Balmullo St Andrews Fife
Balmullo Bowling Club, KY16 0AE
Address: Main Road Balmullo St Andrews Fife
Guardbridge Bowling Club, KY16 0XB
Address: Motray Park Guardbridge St Andrews Fife
Cupar Bowling Club, KY15 4HD
Address: 2 Bowling Green Road Cupar Fife
Watts, KY15 5YQ
Address: Coal Road Cupar Fife
Ceres Bowling Club, KY15 5NB
Address: Curling Pond Road Ceres Cupar Fife
Cupar Arms, KY15 4BH
Address: East Burnside Cupar Fife
Imperial Bar, KY15 4LS
Address: 9 St Catherine Street Cupar Fife
Takeaways nearby
Dalis, KY16 0UA
Address: 2 Cupar Road Guardbridge St Andrews Fife
Nancy's Sandwich Bar, KY15 4LE
Address: 8a Bonnygate Cupar Fife
The New Century, KY15 5HS
Address: 64 Crossgate Cupar Fife
New City Gardens, KY15 5AS
Address: 55 Crossgate Cupar Fife
Caspian, KY15 4DE
Address: 22/24 Ladywynd Cupar Fife
Tartan Spice, KY15 4LD
Address: 42 Bonnygate Cupar Fife
Dino's Pizza, KY15 4BY
Address: 71 Bonnygate Cupar Fife
Dragon Horse, KY15 4LB
Address: 88 Bonnygate Cupar Fife
The Golden Pagoda, KY16 0HE
Address: 49 Main Street Leuchars St Andrews Fife


Banks nearby
Cupar, Cupar KY15 5HL
Address: 18 Crossgate
City/Town: Cupar
Bank name: RBS
Cupar, Cupar KY15 5HH
Address: 14 Crossgate
City/Town: Cupar
Bank name: Nationwide
Cupar (bos), Cupar KY15 4BP
Address: The Cross
City/Town: Cupar
Bank name: Bank of Scotland
Cupar, Cupar KY15 5HS
Address: 46 Crossgate
City/Town: Cupar
Bank name: TSB
Dundee Marketgait (bos), Dundee DD1 1QN
Address: 2 West Marketgait
City/Town: Dundee
Bank name: Bank of Scotland
Barclays Bank, Dundee DD1 1SZ
Address: 24 High Street
City/Town: Dundee
Bank name: Barclays Bank
Shops nearby
Address: Station Road
City/Town: Cupar
Cupar Catherine Street, Cupar KY15 4BT
Address: 2-6 St. Catherine St
City/Town: Cupar
WHSmith Crossgate, Cupar, Cupar KY15 5HH
Address: 20 Crossgate
City/Town: Cupar
Cupar, Cupar KY15 5JU
Address: Ferguson Square, 36 Cross Gate
Cupar, Fife
City/Town: Cupar
ALDI Cupar, Cupar KY15 5JE
Address: South Road
City/Town: Cupar
Cupar Superstore, Cupar KY15 5JE 
Address: South Rd 
City/Town: Cupar
Companies in the area
Jolly Red Limited
Address: 34 Osnaburgh Court
KY15 4SU
Directors: 1 director
Net worth: £ 14 167,00
Sic codes: 62090: Other information technology service activities
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High Access Development Ltd
Address: 68 Main Street
KY15 4SS
Directors: 1 director
Net worth: £ 3 168,00
Sic codes: 43210: Electrical installation
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John Rhys Penry Limited
Address: St Leonards
Station Road
KY15 4SP
Directors: 2 directors
Net worth: £ 1 981,00
Sic codes: 69201: Accounting and auditing activities
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